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Carlos Condit is well-known for his ability to KO people in MMA. However, one of his most memorable knockouts came outside the realm of MMA.
Check out the video below:

In June 2008, a group of UFC fighters including BJ Penn, Urijah Faber, Michael Bisping, and Carlos Condit visited US troops in Afghanistan. The fighters thanked the soldiers for their service and saw the armed forces in action. Meanwhile, the soldiers received a few MMA tips from the UFC fighters.
During one of the relatively lighthearted training sessions with the troops, Carlos Condit found himself in a hard sparring session. Condit and a member of the US Special Forces agreed to spar inside a boxing ring at a US military base.
Before the sparring session, the soldier asked Carlos Condit how hard he’d like to spar. Condit responded by stating:
The soldier hit Carlos Condit with a hard right hand to his head. The sparring session initially witnessed the soldier pursuing Condit aggressively. ‘The Natural Born Killer’ remained calm and kept moving away from the soldier, taking the sting off the soldier’s strikes.
Condit then started landing crisp counter punches. The soldier’s only clean strike was the right hand he landed at the beginning. Condit took over the sparring session with his brilliant counter strikes.
The MMA fan-favorite then unleashed a lethal combination and landed a vicious high kick on the soldier’s head. Condit followed it up with a right hand that dropped the soldier, who was unable to continue sparring.
As reported by ESPN, Carlos Condit has retired from MMA. The former interim UFC welterweight champion’s last fight was a unanimous decision loss against Max Griffin at UFC 264 in July 2021.
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Carlos Condit competed in 46 professional MMA bouts, amassing an impressive record of 32 wins and 14 losses. He is widely regarded as one of the most exciting fighters in MMA history.

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