Pakistan, Russia special forces conclude counter-terrorism exercise Druzhba VI – Geo News

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Icon 10월 18, 2021

Saturday Oct 09, 2021

The closing ceremony of military exercise “Druzhba-VI” was held on Saturday at Molkino Training Area, Krasnodar, Russia. 
According to a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), senior officials from Russia and Pakistan were present during the ceremony which featured a weapons and equipment display parade.
The two-week long exercise (September 28 to October 9) was aimed at learning from mutual experience in the counter terrorism domain with a view to learn and adopt best practices. 
“Special forces of Russia and Pakistan practiced various drills involved in joint counter terrorism operations,” the statement read.

The special forces of Pakistan and the Russian Federation had joined hands for the two-week exercise.

The Druzhba VI opening ceremony was held at the “Molkino Tra Area, Krasnodar, Russia” on September 28.
National anthems of Pakistan and Russia were played during the opening  ceremony, which was followed by the weapons and equipment display parade.

Mayor of Garyachi Kaluch Sergy Belopolsky attended the opening ceremony as the chief guest. 


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