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Commtact’s latest solution provides complete situational awareness for any scenario, and enables real-time, continuous communication between personnel in the field and the platforms they use
Eyal Boguslavsky | 12/10/2021 Contact author
Photo courtesy Commtact
Commtact Ltd., an Israeli provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for first responder teams and robotics platforms, unveils CommNet — a new real-time communications network solution for first responders, large events and command & control center teams.
Being the first on the scene of catastrophes and natural disasters, first responders experience a growing need for an independent, reliable, real-time mobile communications network that facilitates data sharing alongside constant situational awareness. According to Commtact, CommNet provides exactly this.
Based on Commtact’s proven operational performance, the new system enhances real-time situational awareness in a variety of missions, supporting ongoing real-time communications between multiple users operating diverse platforms. Even with a large number of users, the system provides consistently high quality of service (QoS).
Incorporating high-performance software-defined radios (SDRs) within ruggedized body-worn components, the solution provides reliable, low-latency video, voice and data connectivity. It ensures consistently high QoS for large numbers of end users, including first responder teams and rugged multi-domain platforms.
The company says that, leveraging proprietary wireless technologies, the system supports point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multi point (PTMP) and MESH topologies and a wide range of radio frequencies and channel width, while delivering high throughput over a secure private network.
Illustration, REUTERS
Giancarlo Elia Valori | 10/10/2021 Contact author

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