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Can you assassinate Anton Castillo already?
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Paradise Lost is not the last mission in Far Cry 6, but it is a long and challenging one, so you might find you need a walkthrough to help you beat it. Your mission is to assassinate the tyrant Anton Castillo and become a Guerrilla legend. But first things first, go talk to Clara at the Libertad hideout in Esperanza.
This is just a simple matter of following your GPS. As long as you don’t provoke any soldiers along the way, they won’t try and stop you. At the hideout, Clara and Juan will task you with setting explosives on three army checkpoints. They’re all to the north of the hideout, so start with the closest.
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Go down the stairs to the east, then drop down and head onto the street. The first checkpoint should be straight along the road to the north. All three checkpoints are guarded by armored Special Forces, who will be much tougher than any soldiers you’ve come against up to now. Make sure you have at least one good gun with armor piercing ammo, and get them with headshots if you can. They’re also armed with powerful weapons, so put on your best defensive gear.
Once you’ve planted the first bomb, continue north through the checkpoint then turn right. You can just go along the street, but we recommend cutting through the building for a stealthier approach to the lone Special Forces soldier guarding the street. Follow the street left, then right, where you’ll find more Special Forces protecting the next checkpoint. You have to pass through this checkpoint and double-back a little way to the right to reach the spot where the bomb has to be planted.
The next checkpoint is a little further east, and is much more heavily guarded than the first two. There’s a tank in the middle of the intersection and snipers in the surrounding buildings. Our advice is to sneak up behind the engineer working on the tank and machete-kill him. Then get in the tank and cause some mayhem. Once you’ve killed all the snipers and it’s safe to come out, plant the last bomb on the east side of the big, red and white generator.
Head back the way you came and turn right before you get back to the second checkpoint, then turn left. There are a lot of Special Forces at the far end of this alleyway. They tend to bunch together, so grenades can be effective here. Other than that, this would be a great time to use your Supremo.
Continue west and free the Guerrilla at the end of the street, then go through the building on the right. You’ll meet more heavy Special Forces on the other side, and a few more will follow up behind you, so stay alert and don’t get careless. Go up the stairs marked by a blue arrow and kill the two soldiers in the street below you. Then use grapples and a zip line to cross the rooftops and reach Juan.
Use another zip line to reach the street then approach the hotel. There are a lot of soldiers inside. They’re not special forces, but you should nevertheless be careful. If you go rushing in, they will quickly and easily surround you. Pick them off one-by-one and retreat outside whenever you need to. They probably won’t follow you.
Pick up the elevator key from the desk on the right just past the entrance, then clear the entire lobby area of soldiers, and go up the elevator. After the cut-scene, proceed carefully and use knives and bows on the remaining soldiers so that you don’t bring reinforcements down on yourself. Get in the car then barge your way through the blockade and get as far away from the hotel as quickly as possible.

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