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Geek Fuel: Strike Force Edition was released in August 2021 and, as always, it brought another fun-filled box of goodies to our mailbox! As promised, it contained an exclusive t-shirt, limited edition figurine, and other cool stuff! We are always excited to see this on our doorstep each month!
Let’s take a look inside the box!
Photo of the Big Lebowski T-Shirt from Geek Fuel Strike Force BoxPhoto of the Big Lebowski T-Shirt from Geek Fuel Strike Force Box
The t-shirt for the Strike Force Edition of this month’s Geek Fuel was this t-shirt featuring El Duderino from the movie, The Big Lebowski. If you like the movie, and the character and you don’t need a whole lot of “bling” on your t-shirt, this will be a great item for you!  It’s a simple yet bright design.
Image of Geek Fuel G.I. Joe Figure of DukeImage of Geek Fuel G.I. Joe Figure of Duke
Geek Fuel subscribers received 1 of 6 G.I. Joe small figures measuring 2.5″ tall.  We received Duke in our box but others may have gotten either Snake Eyes, Red Ninja, Destro, Cobra Commander, or Roadblock instead.
What can you say, who doesn’t love a G.I. Joe figure?
Geek Fuel Strike Force Cobra StickerGeek Fuel Strike Force Cobra Sticker
 Also included with the G.I. Joe figure was this 80’s retro holographic Cobra sticker!
Geek Fuel photo of mugGeek Fuel photo of mug
Color changing mugColor changing mug
When you pull this mug out of the box, it is a basic black mug with no design or artwork on it.  However, when you put some hot water in it, it changes colors and brings out an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger and one of the comrades from the film Predator!
Geek Fuel Collectible PinGeek Fuel Collectible Pin
This collectible pin of Mr. T is pretty awesome and I can just hear him saying, “I pity the fool!” as I have many times in the past.   If you were around in the 80’s you probably remember this character B.A. Baracus from The A-Team.  A little history about this show:
The A-Team is a group of ex-United States Army Special Forces who were wrongly convicted of a crime during the Vietnam War. Managing to escape from the military police, they fled to Los Angeles, where, as fugitives, the A-Team work as soldiers of fortune, using their military training to fight oppression or injustice. B.A, along with Hannibal Smith, H.M Murdock, and Templeton “Faceman” Peck make up the A-Team.  (Source:
I really like this show (and yes I was around in the ’80s)…
Okay, I have to admit, one of my favorite items in this box was the B.A. collectible pin.  It brought back memories of a show I watched a long time ago and who doesn’t love Mr. T?  As usual, Geek Fuel put out another great box of items that brought a smile to our face and we look forward to seeing what’s in the next box!
The Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghoulish Goodies October 2021 Edition.  You can expect a spooky Halloween theme with this box which should be fun.  Hurry over to their website to subscribe!
Cost: Starts at $27.00/month with free shipping
Twitter: @TheGeekFuel
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