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While the comics and the films/TV shows don’t completely line up, fans would love to see more of these screen characters on the page!
The DCEU is continuing to expand, especially thanks to its Multiverse links to the Arrowverse and beyond. With a combination of underrated and rarely seen characters, alongside original creations for the screen, there’s plenty of heroes and villains in the cinematic universe that deserve a bigger presence in the comics.
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These big and small screen iterations have inspired audiences to want to check out more material on the characters, but some of them have barely been featured at all in the source material in recent years. Each of these figures boasts a lot of storytelling potential and shouldn’t be overlooked next time DC is putting a book together.
Chato Santana made an impact in Suicide Squad as El Diablo, one of the few members of the team that actually perished in battle and made a heroic sacrifice. The character boasted a visually stunning and incredibly powerful set of abilities that would only be enhanced in the comics.
While not an original character, El Diablo has rarely been used to his full capacity in the source material. That initial film worked in places because of what Santana brought to the table and the team at DC Comics could certainly do the character even more justice on the page thanks to his redeemable qualities.
Fans of the comics will know that Sara Lance or the original Canary was a creation of the Arrowverse. Yet, the character has become cemented as the White Canary, with an iteration even making her way to the source material. She deserves far more attention, though.
This lethal warrior has been the Captain of the Waverider for some time now, continuing to show off her versatility. She’s almost a Justice League level hero on screen but isn’t given the same role in the comics. It’s time for her to step up into her own title!
Jimmy Olsen is featured heavily in the comics and has taken on a number of different roles. Very briefly though, there’s a version of Olsen seen in the DCEU that allows him to be in the center of the action. He appears to be some kind of special forces operative.
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This is a unique position to put Jimmy in but one that could actually be explored further in the comics, moving him further away from the ‘Superman’s best friend’ gimmick he has had for a while. It’s an intriguing idea but one that could lead to other storytelling opportunities.
Steve Trevor very much represents Diana Prince’s past and her relationship with humanity. While he’s used to starring in the comics as a love interest to the demi-goddess, Trevor also has a lot of other skills he could bring to the table which ought to be revisited.
As a skilled pilot, there’s no reason he shouldn’t get a supporting role in a different book, perhaps as part of a team. In the DCEU he has been in the middle of the action since the war, continuously evolving, but in the comics, this same shift in persona hasn’t yet taken place fully.
Christopher Smith had quite a dark upbringing, which consequently inspired him to become Peacemaker. While he may seem like a hero, his motivations are far more hopeful than his actions. The character has been around in the comics for many years but faded into the background.
With the HBO Max putting a larger emphasis on Smith, it feels natural that the comics would want to revisit him once more and perhaps attempt to bring this quirky version of the character into the continuity in a similar way. His portrayal has already made him a fan favorite.
John Diggle might be the Arrowverse’s version of John Stewart, but the character first worked alongside Team Arrow as the vigilante Spartan. The character has made an impact in the comics despite being an original creation on the screen.
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His role is constantly changing on the small screen though as he continues to co-star alongside the other heroes in the Arrowverse. While it’s unlikely the Diggle of the comics will get to make the same Green Lantern transition, there’s hope that he is given his due in a similar capacity.
Antiope is family to Diana and one of the people that really instilled all of her core characteristics from a young age. She’s a mighty warrior and one that did originate in the comics. Her role has largely been seen in the classic source material, though, rather than modern stories.
Antiope is a huge part of Wonder Woman lore though and holds an important position in Diana’s life. It would be a shame to see this popular on-screen character continue to get sidelined in the comics. DC could make something special from an Antiope arc.
Felicity Smoak is a character that fans have a lot of opinions of thanks to some of her great and terrible traits. She has come a long way since her early days on Team Arrow and although the original character is still the tech expert, she’s also a vigilante in her own right.
As Overwatch she has moved into the source material, serving a similar purpose, but the same level of depth seen on the show hasn’t been granted to this version of the character. Overwatch could become the next Oracle if given the right story.
Cleo Cazo grew up in poverty but was dearly loved by her father. Inheriting the gift of being able to control rats, Ratcatcher II was born; a variation on the villain that isn’t portrayed in quite the same way in the comics. Cazo is very much the heart of Task Force X.
The character has become fleshed out in a way that audiences would not have expected and is far more compelling than the Ratcatcher usually seen within the comics. DC is sure to capitalize on the movie soon and make sure that Cleo is featured more on the page.
In many ways a father figure to Cleo, Bloodsport might be an assassin but he’s also someone who actually cares about what he’s doing. He is perhaps a hero underneath the layers of violence and has redeemed himself on screen. It’s once again an arc not seen in the comics.
The Robert Dubois of the comics is a lot more merciless than audiences might now be familiar with. Fans would definitely like to see this three-dimensional take on Bloodsport get some more play in the comics, as the current Earth-Prime showcases everything it has to offer.
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