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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2021 / We are living in a chaotic place and time. In the wake of the pandemic and its impact on almost every aspect of our lives, much of our society is running high on stress and low on motivation. Motivational Pros founder Chris Harris believes that the prevalence of this state of distress represents a crisis of mindset. "If we hope to solve the mental health crisis, we need to promote healthy, positive thinking," he says. "It is vital that people learn how to build a more resilient mindset on the foundation of optimism."
A Strong Foundation for Mindset Training
Since 1993, Chris Harris has made it his mission to show others how to improve their quality of life, as well as their work performance. A close-quarters combat expert with extensive experience training federal agencies, the military, and special forces, Chris has since transitioned to working as an orator and coach. He is the founder and leader of Motivational Pros, a company that provides motivational speaking, group coaching, and sales training services. Their presentations and training events are specifically centered around building a positive mindset, which Harris claims is "ideal for both personal and professional growth." In December of this year, the company will be releasing a new book written by Chris entitled Attitude Isn't Enough, which explains critical mindset principles for personal and professional development.
Using many of the same mindset techniques and fundamentals that Chris designed for elite combatives training, he built a thriving technical sales career. Now, with Motivational Pros, he's sharing his unique perspective with sales teams seeking to strengthen their group's ethos. Since their inception, they've worked with companies and organizations across the globe, meaning that their unique methods are already being used worldwide.
Motivating Modern Audiences
The importance of choosing the right motivational speaker for a group's personal and professional development event cannot be understated. Effective motivational speaking in a corporate environment requires a specific set of dynamic storytelling skills and genuine experiences, something that the team feels is woefully lacking in the current corporate speaker circuit.
The pandemic presented a special challenge for Motivational Pros. With many services moving to a remote model, the team had to learn how to motivate online audiences. "At first, it was difficult to cultivate and maintain the same level of engagement and energy with online audiences," Chris says. "However, we quickly learned how to adapt to this new setting, and things are now better than ever."
Modern sales teams have diverse needs, especially in the post-pandemic era; speakers and trainers need to be able to adjust their approach based on the individual requisites of each client. Knowing this, Motivational Pros modeled their business to be flexible, to work both live and online, with presentations ranging from 30 minutes to several hours in length.
Group coaching should be conducted on either a weekly or monthly basis. With Motivational Pros, each session is an "interactive online event" focused specifically on improving individual and/or team performance through the power of mindset. They typically require that clients commit to a minimum of four group coaching sessions for guaranteed results.
Mindset: The Future of Motivational Speaking
Motivational speaking and sales performance training are part of an ever-evolving industry. The Motivational Pros team believes that mindset will become an even greater focus for speakers and coaches in the future. Many professionals are already waking up to the power and potential of mindset, and Motivational Pros believes its popularity will only continue to grow. The Motivational Pros team is made up of "true believers" in the benefits of mindset, and they hope to lead the push towards mindset-based training for the betterment of professionals around the world.
Check out their upcoming book Attitude Isn't Enough here.
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