Israeli forces kill Palestinian from Islamic Jihad in overnight West Bank shootout – Haaretz

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Icon Oct 3, 2021

Sources in village of Burkin say man was member of Islamic Jihad armed wing and shot at troops ■ Incident comes days after arrest operation in West Bank left five Palestinians dead
A Palestinian Islamic Jihad member was killed by Israeli troops during clashes in the village of Burkin near Jenin overnight into Thursday, days after five Palestinians were killed by Israeli military fire during an arrest operation.
Palestinian reports said that 22-year-old Alaa Nasser Zayud was killed by special forces conducting raids on houses in Burkin. The Border Police later confirmed this, saying that Zayud, who was armed, had shot at forces from close range during an arrest and weapons confiscation operation. His weapon, an improvised "Carl Gustav" rifle, was taken by the troops, the statement said.
According to sources in Burkin, Zayud was a member of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad organization, which was later confirmed by the militant group on their Twitter account. 
Palestinian sources said that soldiers and members of the police's anti-terror unit surrounded houses in the village and arrested two people before dawn on Thursday. Clashes then broke out and several armed Palestinians began shooting at the troops, witnesses said, adding that Zayud fired at the Israelis as they were leaving the village. Two Palestinians were wounded by live fire, sources said. 
The clashes that took place in the early hours of Sunday occurred during an operation in the West Bank to detain members of Hamas "who planned to carry out a terrorist attack," the military said in a statement. The military subsequently said it had located explosives belonging to a Hamas cell in the village of Kafr Bidu near Ramallah. Like Jenin and Burkin, Kafr Bidu was one of the locations troops entered to conduct the arrest operation. 


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